About Our Meat Processing Equipment

Quality Products. Dependable Service

Titan Injection is globally-recognized for exceptional meat processing equipment. Since our founding in 2005, we have developed a complete range of machinery that is efficient and sanitary for processing a variety of meats. This includes innovative equipment for marination, injection, mixing and cooling.

Our team strives to serve all of your commercial meat processing needs. We are proud to have supported many companies in improving their operation. We have an undeniable dedication to our customers and their product facility’s output. All machines built by Titan Injection are designed to increase and improve productivity and taste.

With Titan Injection’s meat processing equipment, production lines become high-volume and can increase profitability with consistent quality. Our meat processing equipment can even be customized to meet your facility’s needs. We build to your specifications, ensuring top results. Our meat processing equipment is ideal for processing beef, ham, fish, poultry, and more.

  • Injector needles to fully tenderize the meat and add flavor

  • Bone-in or boneless options

  • Variety of capacities ranging from 1,800 to 18,500 pounds per hour

  • Conveyer belts are standard on our equipment

  • Training for our new equipment

Mission and Values

Titan Injection operates with the core beliefs of integrity and honesty. These attributes can be seen in everything our company does and creates. Our customers always come first and quality is at the center of our business philosophy. We are dedicated to developing new meat processing machinery that delivers maximum productivity, durability, and quality.

We make it our mission to give customers the best prices and services so they can can achieve optimal results. Our team treats each one of our customers like family. We do everything we can to ensure their satisfaction, whether that means traveling internationally to install a new part, or customizing a piece of equipment to better serve their meat processing facility.