Our T-252 is a versatile machine used to tenderize and flavor a variety of meats. The design accommodates injections for every type of meat, from fragile tissue to bone-in products. Using 252 stainless steel needles, the T-252 injects brine, marinade, and other ingredients into the tissue with minimal dripping. This innovative needle head technology ensures uniform distribution of brine and optimal moisture retention.

Available for bone-in or boneless application.
T-252 Recommended Product: poultry, beef, pork, fish

T-252 Dimensions

  • 118” long

  • 72” wide

  • 86” high

T-252 LS Dimensions

  • 118” long

  • 72” wide

  • 95” high

Performance is never compromised due to a clogged filter or needles. Titan Injection’s self-cleaning filter keeps the meat injector clean without the need for constant maintenance and downtime. Fibers are continually removed as the filter cleans itself. This means the injector does not lose pressure during operation, resulting in the highest yields.

T-252 Series Features

  • Production rate up to 12,000 lbs./hr.

  • 252 stainless steel needles

  • Up to 60% on a single pass with uniform distribution

  • Uniform injection throughout the product

  • Simple to clean and maintain

  • Easy-to-operate control panel

  • 7.5 HP hydraulic power unit

  • 10 HP brine pump controlled via variable speed drive

  • 10” product clearance on standard model

  • Up to 12” product clearance on LS model

  • Sectional brine manifold

  • 65-gallon brine holding tank

  • Minimal brine dripping

Titan Injectors are proudly made in the USA.
All American parts and standard components assure optimum performance and reliability.

T-252 Includes:

  • Auto-clean rotary filter

  • 2 incline SS mesh screen

  • Dual in-line filter for uninterrupted production

  • Interlock product belt

Machine Configurations for T-252

Relevant equipment to optimize your T-252 operation and increase your yield:

Titan Needle Flushing Cabinet

Backflush sectional needle blocks from our T-252

Needle Flushing Cabinet

Mixing and Cooling Equipment

Evenly mix additives and cool brine to the perfect temperature

Titan Twin 200

Titan Continuous Tumbler

Remove excess brine from the surface and increase the visual appeal of T-252 products

Continuous Tumbler

Titan Heat Exchangers

Designed to maintain the return bring temperature at 34°

Heat Exchangers