The most important component of a meat injector is undoubtedly the needle head. Quality is essential here because hygiene and durability are directly linked to the maintenance of the needles. This cabinet is designed to flush needles using our Sectional Needle Block System. This standalone unit assists in the back flushing of sectional needle blocks from our Titan Injector series.

Needle Head Hygiene and Sanitation

Each of Titan’s meat injector models is manufactured using stainless steel and other easy-to-clean materials. The needle blocks are an essential piece to facility sanitation. Our innovative needle head technology quickly removes for an efficient yet precise sanitation process.

With the Needle Flushing Cabinet, there is no longer a need to clean one needle at a time. Needle heads are easily sanitized in bulk. Needle blocks can easily be removed from the injector and inserted into the Titan NFC to back flush sections of the manifold, thus allowing for the flushing of 42 needles at the same time. Meat, fibers, liquids, and seasonings are rapidly removed for a stress-free sanitation process.

  • Radically lowers cleaning time

  • Unit available in single or multiple needle blocks

  • Adjustable height to accommodate different types of needles

  • Compact design

Titan Injectors are proudly made in the USA.
All American parts and standard components assure optimum performance and reliability.

Titan Injection Components

Meat injectors and applicable add-ons to optimize your meat processing operation:

Meat Injectors

Well-engineered machines design to inject brine and other ingredients into fresh meat

Mixing and Cooling

Evenly mix additives and cool brine to the perfect temperature for the injection process

Titan Continuous Tumbler

Remove excess brine from the surface and increase the visual appeal of your product

Heat Exchangers

A heavy-duty heat exchanger designed to maintain the return bring temperature at 34°