Designed and manufactured specifically to meet the tough demands of the meat industry, not only in size but in performance. The Titan Series Injectors ensure uniform distribution, improve retention, and increase productivity. Combined with our mixing and chilling systems our equipment allow processors to maximize production while also enhancing the quality of the finished product.

Diseñados y fabricados pensando en las rigurosas demandas de la Industria Alimenticia, no solo en tamñao, pero también en efectividad. Nuestros equipos de marinado aseguran distribución uniforme, mejoran rendimientos e incrementan productividad. Nuestros inyectores en combinación con nuestros sistemas de mezcla y enfriamiento permiten a nuestros clientes maximizar producción y al mismo tiempo mejoran la calidad del producto final.

Available for bone-in or boneless application

Ideal Para Producto Con O Sin Hueso

T-84 Dimensions:

  • 72” long | largo

  • 48” wide | ancho

  • 68” tall | altura

T-84 Dimensions LS Higher Product:

  • 72” long | largo

  • 48” wide | ancho

  • 84” tall | altura

Performance is never compromised due to a clogged filter or needles. Titan Injection’s self-cleaning filter keeps the meat injector clean without the need for constant maintenance and downtime. Fibers are continually removed as the filter cleans itself. This means the injector does not lose pressure during operation, resulting in the highest yields.

T-84 Series Features

  • Production rates up to 2,000 lbs./hr. | Producciones de 2,000 lbs/ph

  • 13” conveyor width | Banda transportadora de 13″ de ancho

  • 3-stage filtration system | Sistema de filtracion integrado

  • Head clearance up to 12″ on our “LS” model | Ideal para producto de hasta 12″ de altura en nuestro modelo “LS”

  • Brine manifold equipped with 84 stainless steel needles | Equipado con cabezal de 84 agujas de acero inoxdable

Titan Injectors are proudly made in the USA.
All American parts and standard components assure optimum performance and reliability.