Increase the visual appeal of your meat products with the Titan Continuous Tumbler. This stainless-steel continuous tumbler removes excess brine from the meat’s surface and seals needle marks within the product.

After the injection process, meat is placed in the tumbler drum along with any additional brine, marinade, or seasonings to be infused. Contents are rotated to pull in moisture and help bind the injected brine to the meat.

As the meat moves throughout the continuous tumbler, it is uniformly infused with the injected brine and other seasonings. The outcome is a more flavorful product perfectly marinated from the inside, out.

The rotation also ensures retention of brine and helps with the separation of frozen meat. The continuous tumbler helps drain excess injected brine and therefore shows better presentation of the final product. The result is a more appealing cut of meat with a reduced drip in the final packaging.


  • 108” or 144” long (depending on space availability) | largo

  • 55.11” wide | ancho

  • 84” tall | altura

Fresh injected meat such as bacon, beef, and poultry are suitable for our Titan Continuous Tumbler.

Titan Continuous Tumbler Includes

  • Drip trays and holding tank

  • Easy to operate control box

  • Equipped with a PFS 60 filtration system with pump

Continuous Tumbler Features

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Adjustable levels of inclination and rotary speed

  • Simple to clean and maintain

Titan Injection Components

Meat injectors and applicable add-ons to optimize your meat processing operation:

Meat Injectors

Well-engineered machines design to inject brine and other ingredients into fresh meat

Needle Flushing Cabinet

Backflush sectional needle blocks from any of our meat injectors to ensure a sanitary environment

Mixing and Cooling

Evenly mix additives and cool brine to the perfect temperature for the injection process

Heat Exchangers

A heavy-duty heat exchanger designed to maintain the return bring temperature at 34°