Today’s consumers are ready to buy fresh food when available, as well as meat products that have been processed reliably and with superior quality. Titan Injection designs and manufactures high-end heat exchangers for the meat industry.

Our heavy-duty heat exchangers are specially crafted to accompany our complete line of meat injectors. They are also designed to work in demanding meat processing facilities, where the temperature is crucial for sanitation.

Heat exchangers are often used to reduce or eliminate microbial, thereby making products safe for consumption and extending their shelf life. Heat exchangers may also be used to heat or cool brine and marination products before injection. The temperature will maintain within a few degrees of the incoming brine temperature.


  • 75” long

  • 18” wide

  • 48” high

Characterized by reliability, these insulated heat exchanger units mount above the injector or in another remote area where it does not take additional floor space.

Heat Exchanger Features

  • Designed to maintain the return bring temperature at 34°

  • 10-double stainless tube assemblies mounted on stainless tube racks

  • Brine inlet and outlet connections: 1 ½ Tri-Clamp

  • Ammonia or glycol inlet and outlet connections: #150 flange

Titan Injection Components

Meat injectors and applicable add-ons to optimize your meat processing operation:

Meat Injectors

Well-engineered machines design to inject brine and other ingredients into fresh meat

Titan Series

Needle Flushing Cabinet

Backflush sectional needle blocks from any of our meat injectors to ensure a sanitary environment

Titan NFC

Mixing and Cooling

Evenly mix additives and cool brine to the perfect temperature for the injection process

Titan Twin

Continuous Tumbler

Remove excess brine from the surface and increase the visual appeal of your product

Titan Tumbler