Titan Twin 200

The Titan Twin 200 is a high-performance mixer designed to combine additives while maintaining a cool brine temperature. Add dry ingredients to ensure a quick, homogenous mix of ingredients. Combine dry additives with liquids to quickly create a marinade. High capacity mixing functionality matches your most demanding, high viscosity processing requirements.

Titan Injection’s mixing and cooling tanks are constructed with the highest levels of stainless steel, with a modular structure distinguish them from others on the market. Tanks are designed for rapid cooling and are available with or without cooling jackets. ASME-certified for use with high-pressure ammonia and glycol.


  • 126” long | largo

  • 67” wide | ancho

  • 92” tall | altura

The system is available in single or multiple tanks, 100 and 200-gallon standard, other working capacities available to fit the customer’s production levels.

Twin 200 Features

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Auto-water control filled system

  • Stainless steel dimple jacket: ASME certified for high-pressure ammonia or glycolyl for maximum chilling capabilities

  • Accurate brine temperature to discourage bacteria growth

  • Skidded modular design, thoroughly pre-tested for ease of installation

  • Maximize the shelf life of the end product and increases yield

Titan Injectors are proudly made in the USA.
All American parts and standard components assure optimum performance and reliability.

Titan Twin 200 Includes

  • 100 and 200-gallon standard, available in other sizes to meet your specific requirement

  • Available in single and multiple system tanks with or without jackets

  • NEMA 4x electrical enclosure

  • Sanitary centrifugal pumps for re-circulation or transfer

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