Titan Injection has developed a full range of machinery that is efficient and sanitary for meat processing in Arkansas. We are dedicated to improving the efficiency of Arkansas meat processors with customized meat injector parts. This includes innovative equipment for marination, injection, mixing and cooling.

All of our equipment is designed and manufactured to meet the harsh demands of the Arkansas meat industry. Our parts deliver maximum productivity, durability, and quality to meat injection facilities throughout Arkansas. Our product lineup includes equipment for bone-in and boneless hams, whole turkeys, roast and corned beef, bacon, poultry, and fish.

Titan Injectors are proudly made in the USA.
All American parts and standard components assure optimum performance and reliability.

Operation Add-Ons for Arkansas Meat Processors

Essential products to improve functionality and streamline your process:

65 Gallon Brine Tank

Come standard with most of our injectors—also available with Filtration System and Diaphragm or Centrifugal Pump

Data Scale

Offers label printing functionality combined with weight options—features a printer for all of your labeling and inventory needs

Sanitation Products for Arkansas Facilities

Ensure a sanitary environment with operation-ready sterilization products:

Product Buggy Carts
Stainless-steel cube truck with push handle easily and sanitarily transports meat products, heavy supplies, and waste

Shoe Sanitizer

An effective automatic shoe washing system eliminates germs and pathogens for hygienic footwear in demanding food production environments

Hands-Free Washer
Hands-free, pedal-operated stainless-steel sinks with gooseneck faucets, essential for cleanliness and sanitation

Equipment Add-ons for Meat Processing in Arkansas

Relevant equipment add-ons to optimize your operation and increase your yield:

Needle Flushing Cabinet

Backflush sectional needle blocks from any of our meat injectors

Mixing & Cooling

Evenly mix additives and cool brine to the perfect temperature

Continuous Tumbler

Remove excess brine from the surface and increase the visual appeal of your product

Heat Exchangers

Designed to maintain the return bring temperature at 34°

Arkansas Response Team

Titan Injection serves food processors all over Arkansas. We proudly offer Arkansas companies a complete line of products for marination, injection, mixing, and cooling. As an American company, we understand your needs for prompt response and support. Your facility cannot settle for downtime. That’s why we provide continual support for the life of your machine.

We are there when you need us. The Titan Response Team will travel anywhere in Arkansas to ensure your satisfaction, whether you need an installation, maintenance, or a replacement.

Our Arkansas partners receive the same quality service as our Illinois partners. It’s as if we are right down the street from your facility. You are just a short flight away from our Illinois headquarters.